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Best Florist in Singapore

“Fresh flowers every day, this is our assurance to you.”

– Valen, Florist since 1997

This has been our motto for two decades. Over the past twenty years, Valen Fleur has lived up to the name of ‘Best Florist in Singapore’ by delivering fresh flowers on a daily basis. We are always open with nothing but the best flowers for our clients. Our reputation is so high that Singapore Tatler even accredited us with the phrase ‘Best in Singapore under the Florist Category’ for three consecutive years. What is it that we have done in our twenty years as an online florist that allowed us this prestigious title? Keep reading to discover what it is about Valen Fleur that delivers such a high reputation in the eyes of the public, as well as professionals.

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Online Flower Delivery Services

Our online flower delivery system is one of our strongest advantages to date. After years of adjustment, we have designed the fastest and most efficient flower delivery system in all of Singapore. Our system is so precise that you can order flowers in the morning and receive them that very afternoon during non-holiday weekdays. Any weekday or holiday will require at least a one day wait to ensure that we have the flowers you desire fresh and ready for the arrangement. All you have to do is call us at 6738 7384 or visit our shop and choose the arrangements you desire. We have a number of delivery products including the following:

  • Condolence Arrangements
  • Table Arrangements
  • Chocolates
  • Congratulatory Arrangements
  • Gift Hampers
  • Hand Bouquets
  • Jellycats

All of these items can be found in our shop and delivered as a group. If you want to buy a hand bouquet with some chocolates for your Valentine both the flowers and chocolates will arrive together at the specified time. We assure you, your order will be either on-time or early. One thing that our online flower delivery service cannot do is arrive late.

Fresh means FRESH

Most florists know that they should only provide fresh flowers for their clients. Valen Fleur goes to the next level by providing nothing but the freshest of flowers to all of our clients. We have access to flowers that have been cared for and nurtured into the perfect shape and stature. When we receive delivery orders, the flowers you choose will be so fresh that they were taken out of the ground the very day you receive them. Every arrangement requested by a client will be made up entirely of fresh flowers. Not a single dry or old flower will be found in any of our arrangements.

We Love our Flowers

logoEveryone needs money; even florists. The florists here working at Valen Fleur are not working for money, however. We all get paid, but that isn’t the main reason we are here. Valen Fleur only hires workers that have a passion for flowers over their passion for personal gain. Naturally, this means that all the flowers we take care of have the best chance at becoming perfect beautiful flowers. We do not just grow them thinking of money; we grow them and nurture them because we care. Not only do we think about our flowers as we grow them, but we also think about the client that each flower is going to make happy. With this in mind, how could we produce anything but perfect flowers?

Professional Knowledge

When it comes to flowers, we know enough to answer almost any question you might have for us. We can tell you anything from the name of a particular flower to the exact daily method that you should follow in order to keep them fresh and healthy. As the best florist in Singapore, it is our duty to make sure that every client who receives flowers from us is well informed about what they have purchased and how to take care of them. Whether you are a client of ours or not, you are free to contact us for information on any flower or flower arrangement. We guarantee a swift and accurate response.

We are Highly Versatile

Most clients love the fact that all our options are conveniently displayed in our online shop. Some of our clients like to be able to choose their own arrangement flowers and styles. In anticipation of this, we invented a system known as Valen’s Picks. Using this system, any client can specify the occasion, colour, theme, and budget for their floral arrangement. The versatility we provide accounts for any floral need a client can have. Whatever floral arrangement you dream up we can bring into reality.


Try it Out for Yourself

These are the main reasons for Valen Fleur’s popular reputation. If you are interested in a floral arrangement, no matter what kind it is, we can provide it for you. So feel free to call or visit our online shop and place your first order at Valen Fleur – the best florist in Singapore.

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