The Basics of Flower Care

Are you planning to grow some flowers of your own? The process of forming a garden and planting flowers is quite intricate all on its own. Today, we are going to teach you how to care for your flowers as they grow. You need to know how to let your flowers grow nicely, but you also need to know how to care for them and keep them healthy long-term. Read on to learn a few tips that we use here at Valen Fleur floristry.

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All flowers need regular watering. The amount of water depends somewhat on the flowers you have planted, but there are a few other factors to take into consideration as well. Your climate will have a big impact on the growth and water requirements of your flowers. If you live in an arid country where there are little rainfall and low humidity, your flowers will dry out faster. You will need to water them more regularly to make sure that they get enough water. A flower that does not get watered often enough will start to wither and eventually die. Valen Fleur uses an irrigation system in order to get water to the lower levels of soil. This encourages the flower roots to grow down further, allowing the flower to survive longer without water in the future. It also saves you the trouble of needing to water every flower one by one. If you have a small garden, make sure the water is getting right into the soil and not just sitting on top of the flower; it is the root in the soil that will absorb the most water.


flowerbedsWhile fertilizer may not smell wonderful at first, it is very helpful to flower plants. Fertilizer provides additional nutrition for the soil. This extra nutrition is then absorbed into the flower as it takes in water. A flower can grow without fertilizer; however, it is more likely to grow vibrantly with that extra nutrition that fertilizer provides. One of the more popular fertilizers among florists is comprised mostly of horse manure. While this sounds distasteful, the manure does still contain a lot of nutritious properties that soil can easily absorb. We recommend you buy manure from a farm as farm manures tend to be better for the soil. If you do not have access to a farm, then you can find manufactured fertilizers in most gardening stores.


Mulching will keep moisture in your soil for a longer period of time. Using mulch will allow you more leeway with watering, allowing your flowers to have a better chance at remaining healthy. Mulch also keeps weeds away from your flowers, stopping them from stealing the water supply. You can buy mulch from a gardening store if you want, but we recommend that you use compost from your own home. Using your own home-made compost is better for the environment and means you know that everything you are placing in the ground is organic.


Pruning your flowers is vital in keeping them vibrant and well-spaced. There are several steps to pruning. The first step is to pinch the tip of each plant so that it will be encouraged to stay short. Although this stops the flower from growing taller, it will also increase the number of flowers that plant produces, making the flower look much nicer. The next step is to remove any old or dying flowers on the plant. These old flowers will start to bulk up and suffocate your healthy flowers if left on the plant. Old flowers also tend to drop seeds causing far too many flowers to grow in a small location. The third step is to remove excessive stems from ground level. Removing these will increase the flower plant’s growth rate as well as allow the remaining flowers more breathing room. Follow all these steps to care for your flowers and they should stay bright and vibrant for a long time.

Picking the Perfect Flowers for Your Arrangement

Flower arrangements are delicate things. Every colour and flower have to be exact. If you mix the wrong colours it looks tacky; in the same way, if you mix the wrong flower types it looks strange. There are many things to look out for when choosing flowers for your arrangement. We at Valen Fleur want to give you some advice about how you can determine what flowers to use with just one question. For what occasion is your flower arrangement for? Read on to learn what type of flowers to use in the following situations.

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Congratulatory Arrangement

When someone graduates from college or succeeds in some area of their life, it is always nice to gift them some flowers. A congratulatory arrangement tends to be comprised of vibrant colours. You can use two or three brilliant colours; or if you feel the person would love a more colourful arrangement, you can add even more. Typically, the flowers for this kind of arrangement can be chosen based on the person that you plan to give them to. If the person you wish to congratulate loves the colour red, then you can arrange the flowers with red being the star flower colour. This doesn’t mean you should use only red, but the red flowers should be the ones that stick out the most. Another option is to choose colours that have to do with the success itself. For example, if your daughter has graduated from high school, then arrange the flowers with the colours of her uniform; or even the colours of the school logo. There are many different ways that you can arrange this one. In the end, it is up to you to determine which suits the person best.

Consolatory Arrangement

pretty pink bouquetNo gift is ever enough to fully consolidate someone who has lost a loved one. Flowers are often a good choice as they have deep meaning depending on which ones you use. Flowers arranged to provide sympathy should be simple in colour. We recommend an arrangement that is almost all white flowers; if you feel the need to add some more colours then try using a white flower with a black centre or show some of the branches and leaves. Do your best not to overcomplicate your arrangement. White roses tend to be the best choice for the prominent flower in a consolatory arrangement. If you are aware of the deceased’s favourite flower you can use this in order to give your arrangement more meaning. Remember, your arrangement is supposed to remind people of the joys given to and from the life that came before this moment. An arrangement of this sort should provide some comfort to those left behind.

Flower Arrangements for an Event

If you want to arrange flowers for a particular event you should choose flowers based on the theme of your event. Having a theme doesn’t mean you all need to dress up. It simply means the colour theme of your event. For example, if you are planning a wedding with a colour theme of blue and white, you can arrange flowers that are prominently blue and white. This way the flowers you choose will meld with all the other decorations being set up for your event.

A Flower Arrangement for Yourself

We’ve spent most of our time talking about how to arrange flowers to give to someone else. How would you like to design a flower arrangement just for you? This is probably one of the easiest arrangements to choose because nobody knows what you want better than you do. You can pick your own favourite colours and your own favourite flowers. The only thing you need to keep track of is which flowers go well together and which don’t. In the end, whatever arrangement looks perfect to you is perfect for you.



How to Keep Potted Plants Healthy

People assume that caring for a potted flower is the same as caring for a garden flower. While there are some similarities, potted flowers do have certain unique needs that you must be aware of in order to keep the flowers healthy. If you are planning to grow some potted flowers or any potted plant for that matter, here are a few tips from Valen Fleur.

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Make Sure to Use Good Soil

One of the major differences between garden flowers and potted flowers is the lack of water flow in the soil. Because the soil in a pot is limited, it is important that you make sure your flowers still get enough nutrition. We recommend that you use rich soil that already has higher than average nutrition inside it. Do not just fill your whole pot with this soil; we recommend that you mix the soil with an equal amount of compost so that new nutrients are introduced to the soil as the compost mixes in.

Watch out for Bugs

pops flowersSome bugs are good for flowers, while others are not. It is important that you keep an eye on your flowers to make sure no harmful bugs get into your soil. Certain bugs may burrow into the soil of your pot and start eating the nutrients inside. There are some bugs that will eat your flowers directly. Some chemicals can be used in order to dissuade bugs from entering your pot. We recommend not using chemicals directly on your flowers as it may cause them harm. You can, however, place chemicals around the base of your pot to either poison or repel potentially harmful bugs, keeping your flowers and your soil safe.



Change Your Soil Regularly

Eventually, your soil is going to run low on nutrients or dry out and become crumbly. You should be regularly changing your soil before this happens. If you notice that your flowers are starting to droop or your soil is crumbly, then you know you’ve waited too long to replace it.

Prune Your Flowers

When it comes to pruning potted flowers, you should try to keep them no more than twice the height of your pot. Preferably, the height of your flowers will be around the same or just above the height of your pot. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing, but it also means the flower roots don’t have to pump nutrients too far up that your soil gets depleted too quickly. It is also good for the balance of the flowers. If you allowed your flowers to grow as high and wide as they wanted, eventually they would start drooping over the side of the pot. Pruning is also important when it comes to removing old or dead flowers. Dead flowers will introduce new seeds into the soil if they are not removed. If that happened, you would have far too many flowers in your pot for the small amount of soil to handle and they would all die. We recommend that you also make sure to cut off any unnecessary stem from your flowers in order to allow them to breathe well. This will also encourage the remaining flower plants to grow more flowers.

Don’t be Afraid to Upsize

If your flower does grow taller than you planned, the simple solution is to relocate your flowers to a bigger pot. The steps to accomplishing this are the same as those of replacing your soil. The only difference is where your flowers end up after you’re done. This also means you now have a perfectly good pot to start growing some new flowers in.

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Water Your Flowers Regularly

This is an obvious step for anything to do with plants. Regular water is even more important for potted flowers. Flowers in a garden can survive with the water buried in the ground for a short time; however, flowers in pots will quickly die without regular water being added to them. Every flower requires a different amount of water, but typically your soil should look slightly damp at all times if you are watering your flowers regularly. If your soil or your flower looks dry then you may need to water them more often. If you follow these steps for taking care of potted flowers, you should continue to have gorgeous, healthy flowers for a long time.